in earnest

in earnest poem by steven humphreys

I prayed in earnest as I needed an answer... a sign. and went outside and looked to the mountains under dark clouds and thunder roared and a rainbow appeared... I went inside my garage and prayed some more (while working out) because I had simply had enough of life's troubles... was the rainbow a sign? … Continue reading in earnest

when the man looked deeply within

when one looks deeply poem by steven humphreys

that when the man looked deeply within himself he found nothing from whence the universe was made. his imagination which had no form. he had thoughts and emotions and his five senses were intangible.... it made him wonder what his experience of consciousness actually was. that why he felt so alone within himself as he … Continue reading when the man looked deeply within

I know there are ghosts…

I know there's ghosts poem by steven humphreys

I know ghosts exist... I've heard the stories... but, are all those storytellers lying? I have seen a few translucent 'things', and I know I'm not crazy because, they were 'there' before my eyes... so, I ask you to not doubt yourself. and, if you think you saw something no one would 'believe', (and, don't … Continue reading I know there are ghosts…