Born Thrice

sage, poetry, prose, poems, steven humphreys

I was Born Thrice, now what do I do?

Life seemed so much like an Illusion

So, I felt lost in life

My heart beating will someday be a forgotten memory

Everyone will forget me

It’s good when my mistakes are all forgotten

But, my good deeds will be, too

All I’ve done and all I’ll ever be again will be lost forever

So, what is Real in a phony smile world?

I was Born Once, Maybe Twice or so, now what do I do?

We think we know, don’t we?

But, we can’t prove a darned thing

Maybe, we are a figment of God’s imagination

How could that be so bad?

That’s OK with me if this is so

Yet, we think things are so solid Yet, they are not

Yet, at the same time we know they are solid and have form

But, we know nothing lasts forever; certainly we do not

We know because we have seen others die

We cry

We dread our coming demise

Our words last if they are written down

But, our mouths and eyes will be shut when the plug is pulled on us

We will all float down that drain into the unknown and invisible

So, all that being said, what’s the best thing to do with our lives?

I want to know, because I was Born Once, Maybe Twice or so, now what do I do?

Good question, what do we do?

No better place or time to start than right here, right now

You could do what makes you happy

Do what brings joy to others

That seems to be pretty satisfying, but it doesn’t last

When you help others It does bring a good feeling

But, you have to keep doing more of it

So, what happens if you tire of just giving, giving, giving, and want to get back for a change?

Watch the users, as they will let you keep doing things for them and use you all up…

They will drain you dry And, leave you dried up like a leaf on the ground

And, step on you Only help those in need

And, you will get helped when you are in need

I was Born Once, Maybe Twice or so, now what do I do?

You could find your favorite mood and feel it

Choose sadness, sorrow, happiness, and  everything in between

You could Listen to music that pleases your ears

Feel, Feel, Feel, Feel, the mood

Find you and who you really are through your feeling Find how you want to be

You can learn what you want from life

Through your feelings good and bad It’s a steering wheel steering you straight down the middle

Watch out for this rock and turn away from the cliff!

Find your favorite words to say

And, your favorite sight and go see it

Listen to your favorite sounds

Hear the bird tweet and the chipmunk chirp

Be with your favorite person

But, seek character first before choosing or you’re probably goanna have more than a few problems with them

Know your favorite character traits

And, make sure they are loyal Experience all your senses; as what else do you have to judge life?

I was Born Once, Maybe Twice or so, now what do I do?

I finally discovered I was right all along

That in my old age, Life is an illusion

Yes, it is If it wasn’t, why would I lie writing this poem for free?

It’s a happy one or a sad illusion, or maybe a combination of both

This is what life is Can I prove it?

No Can you prove it’s not No, you can’t no matter how hard you try, so go right ahead and do so

You will work at it the rest of your life and come up short We are an illusion ourselves

Yes, we are I was Born Once, Maybe Twice or so, now what do I do?

We are just passing through in this short time we are here

As well, our perception of reality is an illusion

Our memories are an illusion

What we experience is a memory as soon as it happens

So, why do you think your daily experiences are real?

They are not

They cannot be Because they don’t survive in the present moment

They are your interpretation of what’s going on

No matter how happy, or how painful

Our feelings are invisible I was Born Once, Maybe Twice or so, now what do I do?

So, let’s reason this thing out What else are you doing with your time?

Play Tidily Winks!

I never played it

It could be fun Maybe, boring

But, Like us and even a silly game, feelings don’t survive life

And, that’s what our lives are full of Feelings

They don’t survive, because feelings are always changing

We can’t bring feelings with us when we die

We leave them here along with our memories We will eventually be forgotten

We think there is something out there

There sure could be But, we only experience it inside our heads We touch nothing even though we perceive we do

There’s nothing out there It’s all happening inside our heads

But, where’s inside our heads?

Where is that part of us which experiences the reality we think we see?

So, you think you have your own mind?

Well, where that at? Where are you at?

You say, I’m right here?

Are you sure about that?

Prove you are here.

OK, you are in that body?

Where are you hiding in it?


It does seem like we’re in there somewhere, doesn’t it?

Of course, that’s a perception, isn’t it?

These are things we can’t prove

So, if you want to, it is OK to be you

After all, it’s all we know to do I was Born Once, Maybe Twice or so, now what do I do?

If you can’t be you

Be you, tomorrow

Or, the next day

Be the real us

We could be phonies I guess they do have fun

But, is it fun to deceive others?

But, who do we deceive other than ourselves?

Someday, God may appoint you as his angel

You may even become his beloved in due time

And, you may be held up high by man as being enlightened

But, the universe laughs at that If we live as long as we do

That’s not such a long time in the scheme of things

The Universe is how old? No one really knows, do they?

But, we will be gone for an Eternity

We will be gone for as long as the Universe existed before us

That’s a long time A long, lonely time Death might really suck!

No one will return exactly like us, ever again

That’s a long time It’s a lot longer than we’re goanna be alive

I was Born Once, Maybe Twice or so, now what do I do?

We came from nothing We were small when we were born

We grew in body and mind To what end?

We were not told

But, we go back to nothing from where we came, don’t we?

Only the maker knows how the machine called US, works

We will never know We are God’s machine

We don’t even know ourselves Not really He does He made us

He didn’t give instructions, did he?

I was Born Once, Maybe Twice or so, now what do I do?

Live, Laugh, Love If you know how But, what if you don’t?

The answer is, you do the best that you can

But, what do you do when you realize it doesn’t matter what you do with your life?

We all are going to the same place when we die?

Well, maybe Who knows if there is really a Heaven or Hell?

I sure don’t It doesn’t mean I’m not afraid though I do know that Death equalizes

And, humbles great men and small men God does what he does

We don’t know what he does

He won’t say because he doesn’t write or talk

We don’t know if he sees or listens

But, miracles do happen Maybe, he does listen and watch

Maybe, he answers He doesn’t reveal his secrets

He can change circumstances

He can make things better or worse

But, I don’t think he changes

And, he doesn’t change the rules of Physics for anyone’s fancy He stays the same

He keeps things predictable so we won’t lose our minds from the chaotic craziness of complete unpredictable random happenings

I was Born Once, Maybe Twice or so, now what do I do?

You can ask the question what do you think God needs to learn?

Do you think we have anything to teach him?

I doubt it. Doesn’t God know everything?

I would think so Did he put the Universe on automatic so he could take a rest and do something else?

Is God the almighty computer programmer and we are all in one big video game?

Maybe, some think so

But, I don’t think it’s quite that simple

Only he would know, but he’s not telling I would guess God speaks with no words

After all, we made language up I

would guess God speaks with silence

Most of us sleep through life

Many stay Drunk

We change relationships because we think there is no love

The selfish do that They find someone else

A new face to gaze at We grow up

We grow old Some get wise

Most don’t

The ignorant and the evil just seem to die and make the world worse than it was before they got there Fools don’t learn

Fools don’t get wise

They just drink, laugh, eat, and die

Fools don’t grow Fools don’t change

But, can a fool ever really change?

Isn’t a fool, once he becomes one, a fool for life?

Maybe, chronic fools were born that way!

I was Born Once, Maybe Twice or so, now what do I do?

Some of us can change I did because I wanted to You can too

But, you have to want to

But, change into what?

Only you can decide what that would be…

But, if nothing matters, why do so?

Why even think and contemplate why we are here?

Why try or seek to understand our purpose and mission, when it seems there is none unless we decide to have them Is it pain that makes us want to change, so we can avoid what is making us feel pain in the future

No one I know of wants to feel pain

No pain, no gain?

It sucks to be in PAIN!

We look for ways to stop it

To medicate it

To deny it

To fill that empty heart

To fill that loneliness with a preoccupation

Like submerging our lives playing video games

One video game after another

We cover the pain up with pills

But, we don’t seem to look at what is causing it

We don’t even know the missing link

What would we do if we found it?

Would we just look away?

And, act like we didn’t see?

I was Born Once, Maybe Twice or so, now what do I do?

You live You love You learn You could try something different if what you are doing doesn’t seem to be working out too good

Then, you Die…


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