My Favorite Poetry

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I always loved “Annabel Lee,” by Edgar Allen Poe. That’s kind of what got me motivated at a young age to start writing poetry and short stories. Much later in life I came across reading “Open All Night,” a book of what I see as prose poetry by Charles Bukowski.

I especially loved the Poem named, “Dinosauria, we,” published in his book, “The Last Night Of The Earth Poems.” Throughout the poem he uses “Born into This.” His poetry sparked me to write my own material like, “Ode to Uncle Joe.”

There was a documentary made about Bukowski in 2003 called “Born into this.” I often watch documentaries like this one on Netflix. This movie gives insight into the man, poet, and writer. It’s a must see for poetry fans.

“Sage,” is my book of poems I wrote especially for all my fans. But, of course, you can read them all on my site for free. Maybe, you want to learn how to publish your own book?



6 thoughts on “My Favorite Poetry

  1. Thank you for choosing to follow one of my blogs. I hope you continue to enjoy the posts. My other blog is poetry, rants, reblogs…

    I left California nearly nine years ago for the south of France. Somebody had to do it! Léa

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    1. Good for you. I think France is Cool! I live here in S. Ca. considering it sort of a rat race. I guess many in France are not very happy over England dropping out of the EU? Anyway, good luck! Keep writing, and thanks for the reply! It seems you chose a really nice place to live. Great!


      1. It works for me. Actually, I was born in S.Ca. I’ve lived in NYC, the midwest and the last 16 years were in Sacramento. If you could see the Brits around me, ‘Shell Shock’ is the best way to describe it. It does remind us to keep a close eye on Marine LePen and her ‘friends’. However, it appears some of your neighbours are not too happy demanding a Texit!

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      2. Well, we’ll have to wait and see what they try to do about seceding from the union here in the US.
        It never happened in Northern California, either. But, I am happy for you over there in France.
        And, I hope everything goes well there. I will check out your writing. I am sure I will find it interesting. Thanks!


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