Youth is Once

youth is once, steven humphreys, prose, poems, poetry

old people

grow wise

all that ROT?

if you do get enough wisdom

what exactly does it get you in the end?

That old expression haunts

‘Youth is wasted on the young’

know the truth of it

now that we are old…

Youth is once

No one tells us

We learned on our own

those wasted years

borrowed time

understand the past

You weren’t ready

school of hard knocks

preached to you

We thought they didn’t know

so damned smart

our ways in our youth

we eventually grew up…

We had to

listen to a list that long

understood what

‘Youth comes, but once?’

we used to be

so long ago…

walked away…

crazy old fool

goanna happen to them

I didn’t think I’d ever grow old

Someday, you will look in that bathroom mirror

Take a deep breath

We’re not getting any younger

We are both off the hook

For the time being…


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