The Beauty of a Real Friend

The beauty of a real friend

is the feeling you get

because you know you can do no wrong

you won’t be betrayed

you never get rejected

you never get your heart broken

you will always be loved.

when I was young

I don’t think I had a large capacity to love

like the many starry eyed


at least,

anything in a real deep way

even though I thought I did

when you are young

you think you know the answers to

things you really don’t.

that love I was looking for

wasn’t the real love

I didn’t know I needed

I was too busy chasing women

lost in a world of illusion

getting my heart torn out

used and stepped on

poor younger broken hearted me

I, like so many who are young

didn’t realize I was in love with love

I was chasing

a feeling

How Romantic that was though

So many Poems have been written about this one


books and books

pages and pages



Yes, that feeling is Romantic





yet, on the dark side of the same coin

can be



Self Centered




and not last forever like we may have hoped for…

Oh, let me count the failed marriages

starting with three of my own

so many broken hearted lost souls…

as with anything in life

that’s worthwhile

you have to go through it

and come out the other side

when you are ready…

otherwise, you just stay stuck

in a rut of whatever the ‘it’ is

you are refusing to deal with.

I was in love with a feeling

I thought was


but now, in my twilight years

those fires have waned

and I am not tormented by it anymore

and, in a way

I am grateful it has departed

into the ether

and now

I am left with…

that I finally do love

because, I know what love is

and, what it isn’t.

I have earned my stripes

and qualify myself to say

to the world…

Love is not a certain feeling

trapped within one definition

it resides on a spectrum

in that love does


love behaves well

love is there

until the end

and beyond

most everything in my life

is not centered around


and how I


because that’s not how I want it to be


It’s not so much that I care less about my welfare

I do

It’s not

about making sure I


It’s that I


of myself more than I ever have

simply because that’s the me I’ve evolved into

and, it’s funny


I get more in return

without caring if I even do

I don’t keep tabs

on what I get and give

like I used to

long ago

you may realize

you’d like to change your ways

when you are good and ready

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