The Night Lies

Yes, my friend, the night will tell you a thousand lies.

(how many times must I tell you this!)

It lies in wait,

because that is what it does best.

And, you will hear a thousand more lies,

if you don’t change your evil ways

continuing in that rut of yours

that no matter what you tell yourself,

you always end up with a cheap assed

lousy well drink in your shaky hands

staring at me from the opposite corner

of that beer bar a couple doors down

from that flop house you

say is some kind of wonderful.

Of course, I remember it…

You don’t have to tell this old coot the night lies!

(Thinking more about it, I have forgotten more than I remember. And, I am beginning to think it is a good thing to forget. Yes, I must go on with my foolish haphazard life! That childish stuff holds me back no more!  Indeed, I have now emerged as a mature man! Hooray, young fella! I have been anointed a full-grown gentleman who’s missing a few decent manners and many more good deeds!)


Before you decide to try on someone’s stylish Blackfoot Indian’s Moccasins,

(I know what it’s like. I am part Blackfoot. I figured out I had Jewish ancestry, too.

I am a mixture of European. Call me mongrel, “But, you doesn’t hasta call me Johnson!”

Family secret was not proudly revealed. I mean, both the Blackfoot and Jewish roots. It happened way back with great grandmother.

I really miss her. Great Grandmother Humphreys was so nice to me baking those delicious pies while the guy who did marry her and gave my grandfather his name smoked his pipe on his recliner. He was pretty cool, too. I think there was a lawyer named Greenberg who my bloodline originated from many moons ago. Now, grandmother on my father’s side was a full blown Blackfoot Indian. Now, you know my ethnicity. Who knew? Better ask the Mayor)

you better step back and engage your bow and arrow

and aim right between their eyes

and take a breath of delight

once it dawns on you

that you have slipped right in their body

and are now looking out their eyes at you

and your foolish bow and arrow.

So, my gentle man, you betta’

have some eyes bulging

out the back of your head!

Listen to the sounds you hear

as the rest of his tribe had encircled you

and lit a fire smoldering right under your ass

as they all stood there thumbing their noses

at a penciled sketch of your momma’s squaw.

Didn’t ya’ know you couldn’t sneak up upon

an Injun’?

They have a thousand eyes

yet but one heart

And, when love is done

you will know the day has come…

the dying one

the last sun gone

a thousand times


a thousand deaths


a thousand times

again and again



you know the routine

under those cold covers


once again.

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