Book Writing Software

new novelist, writer software

You might like New Novelist book writing software, if you need a helping hand writing a book of poetry or novel. You can get by with Microsoft Word, but within the new novelist software, you can add as many chapters as you want and keep notes for characters and your references used. For me, it’s simpler to use than Word, and everything’s there at my fingertips for writing practically anything I want.

For example, when you write each poem, you use a new chapter, if you are making a book out of it. Theoretically, you can make as many chapters as you want. Although, this program is a word processor similar to Microsoft Word, it was created to cater to those who write novels.

I think it was very useful to me when I first started writing all my books, and still is something I enjoy using. It is a great organizer so that everything is in one place to come back to work on, later

This writer’s software has quite a few features; like dictation where you speak into a microphone and it writes for you, there’s a read-back voice (for me, it’s helpful to have it read back what you’ve just written, instead of reading it out loud to yourself,) you can find and replace a certain word you are looking for hidden somewhere in your chapters, word magic to find similar words to use, and much more to make it easier to write your book.

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