An alien walks amongst us

an alien amongst us, poetry, steven humphreys

The walking stick

walks the old man

over bumps on the


his canine leads him

very well

the old lady


man and dog hobble

from past to future

trapped in time

no one remembers

except for that lady standing

over there

for those who would remember

are all gone


an alien walks amongst us

hiding his glory

having a hot cup of coffee

on a hot day

in may

leaning on the lamp-post

as the dog and old man walk by

the alien looks at them

(in that classic alien way)


‘be like the stepford’s

and wind up your

mechanical dog and cat

taking them

to the grocery store

where it feels like home

buy a blunt


butter your bread

scratch your head



grateful you’re not dead

walk with the walking dead

throughout all store isles

don’t let them know you are

more alive than they

you thought you saw

an old friend who didn’t

know you anymore

you waved as he turned and ran

hiding his face in both hands


‘the butter knives are over there by the bananas’!

take a break and

throw a load

in your washer sounding

like my alien space ship


to my home planet

board my vessel

when you’ve finished

both your walks

go eat a banana

like monkeys do

it’s their brain food

not ours

fluff your beautiful hair

when no one cares

and no one looks

because they refuse to

take a dare

despite them staring

from the hidden recesses

of their bare minds

they won’t tell you

life simply isn’t fair

but I will…

at the very least

I say

life is

not quite fair enough

for those who reside

in outer space



in order here


a smidgen




which by the way


about to break the dam

up on top that mountain

and drown us all

with its feverish goodness


I thought ahead

to save all you people

from a swift torrent of

flowing madness


plugged a leaking hole

in that cracked dam

with my middle finger’!

and the old man

and dog looked up

to the alien leaning

against the lamp-post

and the senior said

‘when we are done

with our daily walk

we will board your

vessel. By the way,

where have you parked

your ship’?

the alien replied

in his own alien language

and the man and dog

shook their heads

in disbelief he

would so abruptly stop

speaking his mental telepathy

in English

and they both simply walked on

because they didn’t


a damned thing

the alien said

and the dog looked up

and told the old man

(who always knew

his faithful old friend would

begin talking someday)

‘imagine that…’

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