At odds with Socrates

bukowski, poet, poetry

At odds with Socrates

not just some mediocre

lame a _ _ tease!

doesn’t necessarily


and bring you to your knees

I’m too busy now

making friends with

my invisible pal


you don’t know

what gone means

till it happens


it’s not yet seen

you shout


when you die

walking slow

you fly a crooked path

like a black a _ _ crow

you ask



in the daylight

reeling in the moonlight

your dear author here

used to be

as the old saying



used to try with all my might

now I’m takin’ it easy day

and night

If it’s within my line of

critical sight

bugging me enough

to make me sit upright

and type

I surely will write

tons about

how I’m thinkin’

and feelin’ about

this big ol’ world

on my

poetry website



what I do now

is I don’t get into my car


like I used to

and stroll into that

drunken corner

western or rock and roll bar

full of punks and

alcoholic whores

both of us abhor

falling and stumbling

all around the dance floor

How did I ever cope

with all that



and distilled spirits

that made me croak

for all those long

lost youthful

years past


I’m way surprised I didn’t bump into

the great

‘Charles Henry Bukowski’

somewhere along the line

I surely would have bought him a round

or two

more likely ten

of jack and coke-ski

way back then…

“Long before I became ‘rich and famous’ I just sat round drinking wine and staring at the walls.” ~ Charles Bukowski, Reach for the Sun, Volume 3: Selected Letters 1978-1994

“Not so rich and famous nor up to anything heinous, just another sober poem writing bored Amos staring at his wall ordering another useless gadget from some discount online mall…”! ~ Steven Humphreys of PoetryMadness.Com 2017





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