Of right mind

of right mind, steven humphreys, poetry

That man over there

of right mind

he’s right all the time

never dawning on him he’s

growing old

as slow as

sands in an hourglass

sprinkling like salt

slowly emptying

the last grain of his soul



looks at his watch

throughout each day

you’re in his way

always in a sudden gust

a lightening fast pace

his head down

in a rush


burrowing through every one

crossing his path

and you’re

slowing him down

in his way


a storm about to


he’s judge and jury

making money for some honey

always in a hurry

he’s of right mind

cracking his whip on your


his righteous cure

to make you pure

for he’s of right mind

he finds you at fault

in righteous exalt

what could be

better than

him behind you

on your rudder

tailgating your bumper on the freeway

inches behind you in the slow lane


tooting his horn

shoving you around

flipping you off

you better move over

he’s got to be home five minutes early

thrusting his shopping cart

around the grocery store aisle

impatiently behind you

you feel it

hurry up

he’s got to get home five minutes early

butting in front of you in line

that rude smirk

he transforms himself into

telemarketers on the phone

spammers flooding your mailbox with viruses

beating on your front door aggressively

pressuring you into buying something

you don’t want

stealing your identity

causing financial woe

his head wears endless faces

you shouldn’t recognize

but you always do

because they all look the same

it is because of this

you thank dear god

you were born

the way you are

of free will to pick your


near and far

it matters not

in the scheme of things

one hoot or iota

five minutes early

five minutes late

comin’ home





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