Throughout time

throughout time, poetry, steven humphreys, pets, dogs, cats

Throughout time

man has loved

and virtually

worshipped his animals

cats and dogs

found him

maybe a lost

kitten or puppy

wandered into his cave

one cold evening

with a soft meow or whimper

better no strange caveman wander

into the wrong cave

unless he wanted his head taken off!

but a wide-eyed

pup or kitty


who with a soul

wouldn’t love these

wonderful furry creatures?

what burly warrior caveman

wouldn’t eagerly

take them into his arms

when he saw those

loving eyes

and gratefully

share his meals

and love them forever?

These friends don’t betray you

they only love you

they always give

never take

they have no pride

they don’t connive

who says they are dumb animals?

those who say this don’t know animals…


are they arrogant

they don’t kill their own kind

for the mere perverted pleasure of it

or for the sport of eating meat

you can always depend upon them

through thick and thin

for lavish moral support

they are loyal

but, what of man?

what good can we say of him in this respect?

where do his loyalties most often lie?

there are those evil men who would steal

your last dime

and take the greatest


in watching

you starve to death

I would prefer being in the company of animals


than with those subhuman species

who persist in their egotistical

and greedy ways

wouldn’t it be nice

if people were more

like the sweet animals

we all have grown to love

and cherish?

real love is innocent

our beloved pets only break our hearts

leaving an eternal hole

a sacred tunnel

with rails

wide enough

for a steaming train

to pass through


after our

old devoted







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