Matter of fact

matter of fact, spiritual, god, guardian angel, death

The voice overhead said,

‘you’re dead’.

I shook my head

and shrugged my shoulders

and replied

‘who are you and what did you say’?

‘I am what you were my son and you are still dead’.

‘I don’t feel dead’.

‘Go talk to your friend Bill. He won’t hear you because he is alive’.

“OK. Hey, Bill, how are you’?

matter of fact, apparently Bill can’t hear or see me.

well, I guess I’ll go over and talk to dear old


‘Hey, mom, how ya’ doin’?

“Fine son, I’ve really missed you’.

‘Oh, yeah, sure, you too, mom… See, Mr. voice above’!

I heard a foot tapping impatiently…

‘That doesn’t count. remember, she is dead’?

‘Oh, yeah, dead. I forgot. Anyway, so, Mr. voice, you mean I’m dead too, like mom’?

‘Yes, you are still dead, just like her’.

‘Well, Mr. voice in the sky, I guess it’s not so bad being dead. I am not in pain. Things seem to be about the same as before’.

‘It depends upon your point of view, my son’.


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