Mary Oliver’s poem Wild Geese

mary oliver, american poet, wild geese

When I was making up my Facebook page for poetry madness last year, I somehow came across Mary Oliver. I immediately liked her poems.

In case you didn’t know, she’s an American poet. You may likely know more about her than I do. But, I really like this poem she wrote called ‘Wild Geese’. I hope you like it and investigate her work further…

mary oliver, wild geese, poem, nature
Mary Oliver’s ‘Wild Geese’ poem

Isn’t that simply wonderful! That’s why I loved Thoreau so much. He wrote about nature. I really love natural surroundings and animals small and large, but so far I have only written two poems about nature.

I just got re-inspired from reading her ‘Wild Geese’. Now, I am going to write more poems about nature. I hope you like nature poems, because I am probably gonna write an awful lot of them.

Visit Mary Oliver for poetry @

Don’t forget to visit me for my poems, too: Steven Humphreys @

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