If I were born before

if I were born before, poetry, steven humphreys

if I were born before…

four times

even more

don’t let me

go through this

mess I’ve made for




tell me

what’s in store

believe you me

I never get bored


I stay in my mind

amusing myself

trapped in time

have I rebuilt

my bastion full of


and passion?

I most likely have,

have I not?

you haven’t revealed

my purpose

and mission

how about a progress report?

how have I been doin’?

you are so silent…

I’ve been

walking your fine crooked red line…

Isn’t that what you wanted of me?

in the meantime…

did a lot of kissin’

then I got married


conflicts and petty fission…

(the usual: fightin’ over money and the kids…)

is there anything I’m missin’?

I await the bestowal of



a few major things


I have been

waiting long

passing time

drinking wine

sometimes feelin’ fine…

looking up at that clock

listening to

ticks and chimes

of my old grandfather


with that pendulum swingin’

so mean

so predictably


its rhythmic rhyme

within my life’s theme

I don’t hear your knock

on my door

so where are you


if you ask me, you are

neither here nor there…



is needed

let’s start with my fears

the best is death

last breath

what’s it like?

would I ever want to come back here

again from heaven once I took a long ride

on your dazzling merry go round?

I’d like a sneak preview

one that doesn’t hurt

too much

(like cancer or cirrhosis of the liver, etc.)

to me from you

and less


than a

nest of

riled up


crawling all over

my morning

coffee and


but, there is a saving grace…

and it is

as I look

slowly around my room

for an answer.

there is

so much

wonder as I gaze


my cat’s shadow

behind the shutters

of my window.




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