Mr. Mojo

once in a while, poems, poetry, writer, author, steven humphreys

Oh woman

I’m so weak

I’m so troubled

my brain needs

another tweak

submerge my mind

back in those alcoholic


so whipped I am

pour me another


so I can think

and not lose the rest

of my marbles

my courage comes

from this bottle

of mine

but all I have left

of my manliness

is one thin dime

play me my childish

non sequitur

nursery rhyme

in the key of rock and roll


fill my soul

wind blows on the

tinkling patio chimes

I bought them from the local

five and dime

best deal I ever got


my ears tingle fine

sounds so beautiful

resting on this

cozy old secluded

patio of mine

time to forget

already forgot

my name


party time



end of time

it’s all the


to Mr..


sittin’ up

there high

on my shoulder

sucking up my

beer with a long straw

like a

blood sucking mosquito.


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