My Cat and the Dove

cat, dove, pool, visits me, cool day, overcast

I woke,


my vertical


and looked out

and there was my dove.

it didn’t have its partner.

they haven’t been together

for some time now.

I believe

they do pair for life

once they have decided.

I wondered what had happened.

the other day I noticed

there was a dove who seemed

like it wanted to pair up with it.

it kept chasing it around

the yard then onto the block wall

and into the tree

and elsewhere.

it wouldn’t leave my dove alone.


by all that, I assumed that it must have been a male

looking to partner up with a female

to raise some chicks…


my dove didn’t seem to want anything to do with it.

my dove

shows up everyday

and ‘coos’

and walks around,

goes up on the block wall,

up on top of the patio,

sits there

and looks around.

during the day it goes

up on the ridge of my house

and looks down.

it also flies up

to the neighbor’s

roof and sits.

it flies away

but always comes


to visit.

the mockingbird in the tree

seems to

object tweeting his

various territorial tunes.

you might think this odd,

but I know how to

fold my hands

and make cooing sounds

like the Indians do.

and, I make it a point

to do this

a few times.

the dove

seems to

turn his head

at me in acknowledgement.

(I wonder if he thinks I’m a nut? yes, I admit

I am a bit off center, possibly more; at least enough so

to write poems on a semi regular basis…)

I learned on my own

how to make

the dove sound

with my hands

when I was

a child.

I do this

whenever the dove


it walks around

on the concrete decking

and stands there.

this dove has come around

for years.

it is a part of my life

same as my humming birds, lizards

on the wall and occasional visit

in my bird bath by the blue jay, other birds and

the bird of prey hawk.

I feel sad for the dove

because I have the feeling

something happened to

its partner.

I was so used to seeing them both together.

it is an overcast day.

much cooler than yesterday.

I hear gardeners in the distance

with their lawnmowers

and leave blowers.

I hear the cars on the freeway

two miles from where I live.

(I feel blessed I am out of

that rat race. God, I hated

bumper to bumper traffic

and pissed off people

tailgating me and cutting me off. don’t

miss that one bit. enduring all

that through the years nearly

cost me my soul)

my cat looks out

with me

at the dove

and makes its concerned cat sounds.

and I look out

and drink my green tea

and feel my own love

and an acute sense of loss

for this beautiful but seemingly lonely dove

who visits me


it seems as though

there is this


and void


where it


because it now


live on





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