don't waste your life, lousy job, get free, sit back and relax, change your life for the better

Stop wasting your life

on a profession

that makes you

look good.

Chase the rainbow

become a famous

cookie baking Amos.

let go.

give up.


live from intuition.

get heart.

question life

like Jim Carrey.

be merry

straight or fairy.

don’t be you anymore.

give up that ego.

become the real you.

grow into that new

person that should

be you.

It will be a happier




what you were

told about you

was a brazen lie.

what you thought

controlled you and

made you smaller.

break free of those

limiting beliefs.

get aboard that ghost


cruise toward

the lighthouse

in this stormy



and grow

into the


you never

knew you

could be

in life.




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