My secret sign

my doves poem by steven james humphreys

Life lessons followed by a ‘sign’.

my doves land before or after

when change comes.

I hear them from time to time

coming in the distance.

their ‘distinctive’ sound

the flutter of their wings

landing by poolside

perching on the wrought iron fence

drinking water from the bird bath

hopping up on the block wall

all within this tiny town of mine.

I walk out on my patio and talk to

them expressing my sincere ‘gratitude’.

their visit always makes me smile.

always, I am overjoyed with their presence.

and, sometime later

they leave

to an unknown latitude.

often in the past, they’ve stayed for days,

even weeks.

yet, I welcome them for keeps.

their coos,

I believe

are a kind message…

‘everything’s alright, feel peace’.

if you love doves

in twos

pray for a ‘special’ dove visit.

pray for a ‘sign’

like mine

that’s vivid:

a face in the clouds, a letter in the mail

or an old friend who shows up in the store simply

because you’ve thought about them lately…

you make the call.

only you will know

the sign

is true

or not.

a message













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