Billions of Hallucinations

Billions of Hallucinations quote by steven james humphreys

Isn’t it amazing

once you finally

‘get it’

you see we are essentially all alone

individually within our own

experience of life…

everyday life to me

seems unreal, yet at the same time,

as real as it gets…

I believe this is a self created hallucination of ours

amazingly what our minds have made

through the help of various senses.

I guess, most of what we believe, is what we will see.

all else will be someone else’s opinion.

God must have gone through a lot of trouble to make everything seem as real as it does.

it seems to me that what we are involved with is such an incredible hallucination

of our own daydream.

good feelings and bad feelings are only


not proving anything is real.

with only one exception.


real love.

it is not selfish.

often, you don’t get anything back.

and, they never even knew you cared.

nor, likely ever will.

they never know what it was you did for them.

they never knew you helped them in some small way.

giving without recognition.

no reward, you are invisible.

this is real love.



unknown source.

this is the face of

genuine love,

the only thing in this

material world that is

real, besides the shadow

you cast.

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