Upon reflection

Thinking back poem by steven james humphreys

Upon reflection

I always wanted to distance myself from old people

(now I am one, an old geezer, not a people pleaser)

I now pray in a steeple.

and, I am not out to make any old friends

all they do is

give me their philosophy of life

complain about the world

(kind of like what I am doing here…)

and moan about all their aches and pains

no regrets, they never make amends.

things were better

way back then

(better in the sixties, even better still in the fifties. before that time, I have

no clue. wasn’t born, yet.)

I observed scum bag lawyers of the time were making more and more frivolous laws

infringing upon our freedoms

(that actually does not protect honest hard-working citizens, but add even more restrictions upon ‘us’ making ‘our’ lives that much harder. it’s the criminals who don’t abide by laws. no law stops them from their thievery and killing. they buy their guns illegally or steal them.)

making things worse.

(I am sitting in a warm breeze with a cup of Japanese green tea. no sugar)

the fifties were even better times.

you could do more, it was a lot more free than now.

you could buy a candy bar for less than a dime.

there was innocence, patriotism and prayer within the winds of change that were

soon to come that would smack us down like a tidal wave of crippling laws and statutes.

now, you have to watch what you say.

forget wearing a red hat today

unless you don’t mind getting your head knocked clean off

(And, I thought liberals preached non-violence? very hypocritical would you not say?)

I remember old people were never fun to be around.

they had their minds made up,

feet on the ground.

I still have a sliver of hope for mankind

(but, not for lawyers, they are slime, for they can burn in hell with all their law breakers. I never could figure out how someone could live with themselves

defending a known murderer getting him off the hook. You let them out of prison and right away they do what put them there in the first place…)

But, I understand now why old people are they way they are, I mean

why they’d made up their mind.

they learned how the world works.

I became one of them.

I am the way I want to be

(well, not exactly. At least, I wish I were thirty again. then, it would make

perfect sense to go out and earn my PhD and then people would buy more of my books…)

I too have made up my mind, leaving all my failed life

goals behind.

Yes, in my own way I think I’ll just go on with my life and simply be me.

I will continue thinking for myself.

it never worked out listening to others.

I think I will be OK.


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