Franken Kitty

Franken kitty poem by steven james humphreys

I saw franken kitty on TV


no one wanted him

he lost one ear and was blind in one eye

some teeth were missing

and he was old

and afraid

but someone caught a glimpse of the beauty within his soul

and saw the longing for love in his eyes

and decided to take him in

and take care of him

and give him a good life

and cuddle with him

until the end of his days

and that helped renew

my faith in man’s ability

to love and be kind

for there was that terrible person

who abandoned this poor old kitty and left

him for dead

and if I were God

his karma will be


experiencing what it’s like

to be old


and abandoned

with no one

by his side

on his death-bed

to comfort

his barren loveless soul.

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