done so wrong

done so wrong poem by steven james humphreys

I caught a sneak peek of the great beyond

its shadow relentlessly follows me these days

I feel its breath on the back of my neck which makes the hair there rise

when you live this long

you begin to feel it tug on you with its invisible hand through an obscure curtain

no doubt we’ll one day be gone even though we never believe it will happen to us

access to a view is denied when young unless it’s your turn to take a secret glimpse

you might want to make a deal with our great maker for more time

but he may not want to bargain with you quite yet

some of us believe it matters making things right before we go

undoing those things we knew were wrong doing long ago that haunt our conscience to this day

when we know it’s time to start getting our affairs in order

we may have grown from our past mistakes, foolish actions and hurtful things we have said and done

and wish to make reparations and do good things so others will think well of us when we leave

that we were not bad people, had good intentions and a good heart

and then one day we will know what it’s like letting go floating up weightless disappearing into the clouds above saying our silent sincere goodbyes.

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