Alone in consciousness

Alone in our own consciousness

Are we fooled into thinking we are not alone? Yes, it appears we are all separate. This life, so illusory. One minute is experience, the next a memory. We can only take hold of the present moment, yet it soon flees us. No one knows how we think, but us. We have been given privacy within our own minds.

‘Yet, I’ve heard all of humanity is united in a single consciousness. Although, I see so many lonely people feeling isolated and separate even when standing in a crowd. It has been said mankind is all one spirit and there exists a universal consciousness of which each one of us is a small portion of. Many search for God and feel he has abandoned them while others let go of their search. I’ve often wondered why God seemingly appears to reveal himself in such strange, subtle and ambiguous ways… And, I think I have the answer. God has secrets ~ Steven James Humphreys

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