the want of being rich

I used to want to be rich

I used to desire being the rich man

the world told me

I ought to be

I learned if you visualize

something you desire

feeling it is already yours

it will materialize

into your possession

in its own time

I learned a good income stream is important

because we need to eat good food

put a roof over our head

and pay ‘Caesar’ his coin

I became unrecognizable to

the young man I used to be

my outlook on life has turned itself upside down

because I have finally learned who I am

I didn’t know I’d change so much

that those values I held so dear decades ago

I no longer cherish

I never thought I was good looking

but now I know I was

I know how smart I used to be

that I derailed my life path

because of listening to others

who had not my best interests in mind

and now I value bringing

these messages to those

in need with open ears.





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