delivered poem by steven james humphreys

I remember when I wanted my stingray bike with a slick tire, banana seat and sissy bar

I visualized the blue sparkly color

I fell asleep night after night fantasizing about riding one of them

I didn’t just think of it

I lived from it

then, I got my wish

it was under the Christmas tree


somehow what I wanted materialized in time

no matter how old

it works without fail

when we know exactly what we want

maybe now it is a sparkly blue Corvette

or a house on the beach

or a million dollars deposited

in our checking account

by an anonymous donor

what do you want from this world of ours

when it has been promised us nothing is impossible?

‘Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it

and it will be yours’ ~ MARK 11:24

Inspiration from Neville Goddard lectures

Who was Neville Goddard?

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