where love is

where love is poem by steven james humphreys

Oh where is the love?

I find it here and I find it there

wait, I see a dove landing in my

feeder I just built with leftover wood

just last evening

I am still picking splinters

from my fingers


yes, love is over there

on my patio where all the birds

eat and drink from their birdbath

and, it is here now as I write

it’s almost noon

I don’t get going early anymore

I do what I want

I earned it

by virtue of being old

I have all day long

to listen to the birds chirp

listen to my classical music

and watch YouTube videos

but time is fleeting

and I still have love in me

and I experience love

every time I walk outside

into my own backyard

and visit my friends

my doves

the birds

my crickets

the lizards

my butterflies

the dragonfly who glides over my pool

I take a quick look around

and then I go inside

and pet my kitties

and then I write some more

and sip my green Japanese tea

throughout each day

and look out my sliding glass door screen

yes, this is all the love I need

I have all day

all week

an entire month

I stay up late

and fall asleep

when I want

I love

and I am loved

as you are

by everything in this universe


love is here

and love is there

plenty of it


an entire


and its love



within your

own experience

of life.



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