I look out my window

I look out my window poem by steven james humphreys

I look out my window

and see a man outside

I open the door and there he stands

my guardian angel with heavenly white wings

I ask, ‘so, where have you been all my life’?

‘I have always been close by…

but, now I have come to show you something really incredible…’

I wonder what it is…

‘come with me’, he says

we lift off my front porch and fly through the air above this large lonely city

flying around up in the clouds a while looking down at the skyscraper lights

and all the bumper to bumper traffic on the freeway…

and, I ask him ‘how long this will take’?

he replies ‘an eternity…’

then, I get it…

and reply ‘oh, no, bummer, I feel like you tricked me…’

he says, ‘yes my son, in a way, you are right. My sincere apologies to you my brother, but

I know that after you see where you are going, you will soon forgive me…’

and then, we arrive and it is all revealed to me

and I wonder if I am dead, yet have never felt more alive.

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