fifty shades of meow and bow wow

love of dogs and cats poem by steven james humphreys

I haven’t always loved cats nearly as much as now

did I grow more loving as I grew older?

you bet, but

in fifty shades of meow and bow wow

did I get lonelier…


did I get wiser

we’ll see

after I finish

this 1/4 filled bottle of whiskey

you know, I can’t see myself without cats, ever

they are the essential part that gives me purpose

they complete what is me

they are what makes me keep ticking

I think what changed me drastically

was when I lost my doggie

and one of my kitties

last year.

I became a different me

from the inside out.

forever changed.

never to return to my old self

I call the old man

I have become the new man

and, I tell all my loving pets

alive or not


without fail

many times

throughout each day

the same thing

which is…


I will always

love them.

my forever friends.

such real true friends.

for an eternity.

my heart is completely

with them.

they taught me


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