floating poem by steven james humphreys

floating through my mind

floating in a dream

is there a difference seen?

as the time we entered a room

it became our reality

and when we left

that image became memory

as if it turned itself into a dream

swept clean under a rug

with a rustic broom

and what I’m finding

is past thoughts

positive and negative

long forgotten scenes in hiding

were responsible for creating my

life this way

and that it

couldn’t have been

created in

in any other way

in less or more happiness and pain

therefore I’m careful

in making sure

my thoughts are sane

and filled with love


what one thinks

in his brain is

much like

a boomerang

so carelessly


into the wind and rain…

that it will

surely return

to he who

weighed not


pros and cons.

and he

will always

be that one


forgot that

he cast it

in the first place

many years ago

as it silently returns

in its long journey


and whopping him

on the side of his head.

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