I say I almost lived…

I say I almost lived poem by steven james humphreys

So sad that I hadn’t lived my life right

therefore, I hadn’t really lived at all

yet, I must have lived

for I’ve learned many things

much of which is what not

to do or say

that if I had to do it all over again

I would surely do it all differently.

but, one doesn’t get another chance

and, we don’t do this life over again

so, if one was careful not to ever utter the wrong

word or do the wrong thing,

and he almost loved,

with never one rejection

or broken heart,

can we say

that that was living?

you could say then

that I ‘almost’

lived, or you could say

I ‘almost’ loved…

that if I had made

many a mistake

that I had lived

a full life?

Is being right all the time

worth the price in that

being wrong will

straighten you up

so that you will not

make all the same

mistakes over and over

so that your remaining

years on this planet

may prove




I can say

I almost


I can say

I didn’t live



I can



I still








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