true beauty

beauty poem by steven james humphreys

you made me into the man I am today

yes, you have been hard on me

and it was for me alone

to draw out my own strength

for if I had remained a recluse

and didn’t learn I was not my own island

I would have always stayed drunk

and never grown up…

I have been around the block a few times

and many wives fell by the wayside

because of that, I’ve paid a high price

financially and emotionally…

I have learned valuable lessons

I wouldn’t want to repeat.

if I would not have lived my life

and made many mistakes

because I knew better

I would not be the man I am today…

I would not have matured

but remained a child

disguised in a man’s body

but, I have found true beauty

In the love which

resides within me

only for you

my dearest









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