the purpose of life

the purpose of life poem by steven james humphreys

what is the purpose of life?

I often wonder

and, I have asked God

this question many times…

‘why did you put me here in this world of death and destruction’?

and, he doesn’t answer me.

so, I am left to my own answering questions I ask.

and, I am finding out

love is all there is

that love is all that actually can matter

so I am moved to love

all animal creatures

and nature

in all my intentions within all I do

but I do admit I am having

a much difficult time

loving and forgiving those who

have hurt me in my past

you know, old enemies

people who aren’t in you life anymore

false friends who’ve stabbed you in the back

people who drained all your money

and ran off with someone else

like you were a piece of trash

you know,

stuff just like that…

nevertheless, animals never hold grudges

it’s people who do.

forgiving animals

that’s the easy part

for they never

hurt but always


and then there’s


how do you forgive

all their transgressions

against you and I?

I must apologize that

for the time being,














2 thoughts on “the purpose of life

  1. That’s the way to go. Understanding that man isn’t perfect and that’s why we should try to overlook all wrongs and pains inflicted on us. Yeah! I know it’s tough because when you kinda forgive and letting go,people take you for granted.But keep at it anyway. Thanks for sharing

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