in search of our rabbit hole

in search of our rabbit hole poem by steven james humphreys

I have an interest in the spirutual

and watch YouTube videos regularly

where I found this guy who calls himself

as a play on words, ‘Shaman Oaks’

because he lives in Sherman Oaks.

he is searching for his truth

through a tool known as ‘DMT…’

I am not adventurous like he appears

nor brave enough or the right

carefree personality to try something

like that.

but, he did talk about this movie

named ‘Rabbit Hole’ I watched

last night…

Funny, how one thing leads to another

and you find your message

here and there,








3 thoughts on “in search of our rabbit hole

  1. I watched the Shaman Oaks video. Couldn’t get the Rabbit Hole to play on this device, but will check it out later. Thanks for sharing. I could use a life changing event right about now🤗

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    1. ‘Shaman Oaks’ video very fascinating. He is the one who mentioned the movie, otherwise I would have never known. The ‘Rabbit Hole’ movie is excellent, highly recommended viewing for some of us, probably not all. I wouldn’t have been able to identify with it in my younger years. HA! Maybe, even up to and including last year! I may not have been mature enough to apprecoate the movie’s final message. Seriously. Actually, the movie was something I needed with a message about living life, even though I am quite an ‘old dog’. A message Shaman Oaks got from ‘the voice’ that spoke to him in his weird DMT experience was that we are here to ‘experience emotion…’ Something many of us run away and try to escape, including this guy. Who wants pain? Unfortunately, it’s the only teacher I’ve learned from. I found there is no place I can hide forever. Lessons are unstoppable and coming for me. No man is an island.

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