is God dreaming us?

is God dreaming us

I was listening to Eckhart Tolle

and he said something interesting,

which goes something like this

(but, not exactly…)

‘God is dreaming us’.

I guess he is saying

that God is dreaming

us into existence

(but, God isn’t likely asleep…)

Very interesting thought.

But, here’s my question:

Who’s consciousness is the one

we have who types and who is reading

this post?

Do we also

have God’s own


we inherited as our own

through his dreaming?

In other words,

can our consciousness

of self actually belong to and be God himself?

It seems not, but it’s a good question.

And, I also propose that maybe

God put himself into us

because he is still learning

as we are.

is anything possible?

I have learned through life

that many things simply

are not as they seem.


  1. I’ve read two of Eckhart Tolle’s books and find him very insightful. I will admit I don’t grasp everything he says but he’s been an inspiring teacher on my spiritual journey.

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    1. For sure, me too. Every little bit helps from one source or another. It seems insight can come from just about any unexpected place. I am always surprised. I too don’t grasp everything Eckhart says and don’t always agree. Yet, it could be a combination of his slightly broken English and for some reason me not ‘getting’ what it is he is actually saying. But, that’s OK with me, I understand enough to get a big enough picture.

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