creation from zero

this mysterious seemingly endless universe one day just went ‘bang’?

appearing out of nothing? a creation from zero?

hard thing to wrap your mind around…

therefore, until you understand the concept as to

how the universe was created,

the double slit experiment

and that atoms are filled with

mostly empty space,

do what I do with my time…

let’s come down to earth

and go within ourselves

into that peaceful zone

(no, not the twilight zone)

take a break,

go outside and take refuge in your garden

where that invisible essence

that created all things is present.

you will find peace of mind lives there.

and, as a bonus, if you have a kitty or puppy,

pet them and love them,

for love will teach

those willing to listen with their

heart of hearts

that it’s the only thing

real worth living for

(I made a birdhouse model that will hang on my backyard tree after I paint it, which was a father’s day present from my wonderful step daughter.)

Me: ‘Please, I beg of you Chippie, don’t chew up and destroy my new birdhouse’! Chippie replies with, ‘Ha, ha, I’m taking that birdhouse out ASAP’!

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