old man on a park bench

waiting for it to happen

it never does.

waiting for it to get better

just because.

I have hope left

waiting in the sun

sitting on this park bench

old man fun.

beautiful birds, squirrels and trees

live their own way

in this summer breeze.

people walk by

as I sing my song…

some laugh

some just look

but children always smile

because they always know who I am…

‘move along, move along,

it’s not what you’ve acquired

that matters most my

daughters and sons

it’s love that fills your heart

as you live your life

only then are you done’.

I bide my time.

the world goes by…

visions of greener grass

somewhere imagined in hills of tall pines

stowed away in secret places

tucked away neatly in small corners of my mind.



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