there quote by steven james humphreys

over here

over there

in the air


do we own it

can we see it

has life been fair?

are we going

were we here

reaping what we sow

we think we know

who we are

in our convertible car

riding around the block

under moon and stars

midnight smell of jasmine

blowing through our hair

conscious three score and ten years

is that all the time we get?

lights out forever

we had feared

to a land called never.

plug your ears

cover your eyes

and say nothing

through all the tears…

yet, if one has the yen for it

he may live slightly longer

but don’t we

live in our heads

stuffed with beliefs

things he and she said

asleep in bed

taking up wings

flying away


once more


in the warmth

of a new morning sun.





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