a brief talk with God

how to talk to God in person poem by steven james humphreys

you might be wondering

how to talk to God in person…

where does one go for a brief visit?

I have concluded

we find him in these places…

through oneself

we commune with God.

in other words,

one must believe

he is listening

that your request

has been heard

and already delivered.

through the depths

of your being

God listens…

yes, there is no


but, I have searched

the world over

and have found

God is not ‘out there’

but within our own

experience, such as


oneself with trees, grass

and bushes hidden in

the mountains up high.

there you’ll find him

in nature, petting your dog

and kitty, in the eyes of babies,

in a feeling of compassion and caring,

in a cool breeze blowing precisely

the moment you need to be

cooled off…

and I am sure there are

many other ways one

may feel God’s


for, if he made everything,

he must be everywhere…

and, when

one cries out

in desperation,




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