I don’t know about you

I don't know about you poem by steven james humphreys

I don’t know about you

but, I don’t think life

was meant to be a party.

where did we get the idea

that the right relationship

was supposed to uncomplicate

your life and make you happy?

au contraire!

all my relationships made me grow.

I’ve learned one thing…

what love is and what it is not.

and, it’s not what you

have been told.

nevertheless, ‘love is all there is’…

I have had more pain than good feelings.

but, is there a payoff?

I wonder.

what’s to come,

that’s what I am

waiting to see

before I say ‘to

hell with it all’,

and jump off

the cliff into

the angry swirling

waters below.

But, if you have had

a wonderful life

then consider yourself


I salute you











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