joy to the morning

joy to the morning poem by steven humphreys

joy to morning the new sun rising a welcomed surprise my dear squirrels feeding filling their bellies full of bird seeds climbing rising up that tree with their daily 1/2 of corn cob in their mouth. then, the doves fly in pecking away in the feeder which spills down. little birds peck their fill on … Continue reading joy to the morning

A New Baby Chippie Came Down To Feast

a new baby chippie came down poem by steven humphreys

I know what you're thinking... what's with this guy and those squirrels? he's a bit off. yes, probably. I likely wouldn't be writing poetry if I weren't. it's like this... I watch birds. squirrels. lizards on the wall. sit in the sun. drink my Japanese green tea. pet my kitties. think about things. I have … Continue reading A New Baby Chippie Came Down To Feast