I know there are ghosts…

I know there's ghosts poem by steven humphreys

I know ghosts exist... I've heard the stories... but, are all those storytellers lying? I have seen a few translucent 'things', and I know I'm not crazy because, they were 'there' before my eyes... so, I ask you to not doubt yourself. and, if you think you saw something no one would 'believe', (and, don't … Continue reading I know there are ghosts…

A New Baby Chippie Came Down To Feast

a new baby chippie came down poem by steven humphreys

I know what you're thinking... what's with this guy and those squirrels? he's a bit off. yes, probably. I likely wouldn't be writing poetry if I weren't. it's like this... I watch birds. squirrels. lizards on the wall. sit in the sun. drink my Japanese green tea. pet my kitties. think about things. I have … Continue reading A New Baby Chippie Came Down To Feast


naughty poem by steven james humphreys

older moldy out of controller getting colder time slipped by I'm so wondering why living gets even bolder too fast time goes no matter how slow one ponders never escaping oncoming blue yonder sugar and spice butter knife nylons bandana have you been naughty? better tell Santa open your gifts Santa's forgiving he's nice this … Continue reading naughty

ghostess with the mostess

ghostess with the mostess poem by steven james humphreys

Until then, go to that forest whereby you can be yourself look to all that's green but, don't turn into an elf when you become a ghostworld graduate, what kind of host shall we be... an evil demon or friendly ghost who's heavenly? a ghostess with the mostess six feet under her tree surrounded by … Continue reading ghostess with the mostess