natural pull

natural pull poem by steven humphreys

once again nature beckons me to live another day drawn by the pull of my backyard filling my thirst for its beautiful artistry like a cold glass of water on a summer day.        

joy to the morning

joy to the morning poem by steven humphreys

joy to morning the new sun rising a welcomed surprise my dear squirrels feeding filling their bellies full of bird seeds climbing rising up that tree with their daily 1/2 of corn cob in their mouth. then, the doves fly in pecking away in the feeder which spills down. little birds peck their fill on … Continue reading joy to the morning

we shall go to the forest

we shall go to the forest poem by steven james humphreys

we shall go to the forest and spend a day clothed in its broken darkness enjoying its woody fragrance. the light will filter down spotlighting falling leaves as we lie on our blanket petting cuddly white, brown and black rabbits, feeding them celery and carrots while we eat our sandwiches and look up through the … Continue reading we shall go to the forest

long days of night

long days of night poem by steven james humphreys

when you've been living long you feel the countryside in your bones creation is always forthright, it tells its grand story honestly within simplicity of a blue sky, green grass, a breeze ruffling tree branches, birds landing nearby pecking seeds. how comforting it is that the universe subtly reassures you that at the end of … Continue reading long days of night