Hot Burning Sand in Your Face

bully, kicks sand in your face, nerd, revenge, he gets what's coming to him

There you are enjoying yourself at the beach on a warm breezy day minding your own business when the bully suddenly appears before you he towers above ten feet tall darking the sun casting a shadow over you. you wonder what you did to him (this time) and you know the standard answer... 'you exist'. … Continue reading Hot Burning Sand in Your Face

Cold steely blue eyed

cold steely blue eyes, bully, poetry, steven humphreys

Went to my favorite 'Trader' store where I get my treats and more there was this huge steely cold blue eyed checker standing boldly behind his cash register he gave me such an evil stare not much cheer moved so arrogantly I was prepared to fight wasn't scared right then and there (I knew there … Continue reading Cold steely blue eyed