dreams lost

dreams lost

a dream is lost as where it lies but on the ground the catcher stands  the saddest thing is not we sleep but dreams not found on sunset streets we say farewell to tears we weep memories fly like startled birds tasting chocolate and wine so sweet.


wings haiku by steven james humphreys

This thing called life does breathing make it real? if you are afraid of nothing you are not living right... yet, to go on and endure we must rise to each challenge becoming braver and more forgiving it is as though we must learn to grow wings of angels looking down upon all from afar.

In seamless rhetoric

rhetoric, life, poetry, steven humphreys

Words in seamless rhetoric promise lies alive eccentric ill at ease sickness death in reality drunkenness and physical white light impartiality darkness nonphysical invisible drifting mindless angels and aimless devils floating flying crashing down chimneys always thinking feeling consciousness seeing hearing hot and cold love drinking smoking cigars above and below endless marriage divorce and … Continue reading In seamless rhetoric