Ashes to ashes

cremation, ashes to ashes, urn, pet, person, poetry, steven humphreys

A message to all you 'lonely' singles... Marriage ain't what it's cracked up to be. The other week my wife popped up out of nowhere with 'When you die, I will mix your ashes with your dog Bubba'. (I thought, gee, you are doing me such a big favor! just what I want to hear. … Continue reading Ashes to ashes

Love in memorandum

love in memorandum, steven humphreys, poetry

A thing called love ever changing so many things to so many people crumbs of it followed to the main meal feasting of it eating a paltry portion in the midst of one lit candle one last rose a word describes its many faces and shades of color what is it? what is it not? … Continue reading Love in memorandum


wonder, poetry, wife, husband, steven humphreys

wondering why my wife doesn't stray very far every day into her car she hops goes out and shops buying new shifts me an old tight-wad stiff she watches movies on women's cable channel where men are perfect never hard to handle saying the right things reading their script gotta' get a grip it's a benefit swinging like a monkey tree to tree … Continue reading Wondering

The uncommon bond

the uncommon bond, marriage, poetry, love

Forgiving her for all her moods and bad behavior she so ardently subscribes herself to is a gift coming through you from somewhere else unending patience and fortitude are characteristics of a godly love not changing partners like so many do when things get impossible to someone new the uncommon man who perseveres through the hellish … Continue reading The uncommon bond