look, regret, life, poetry, steven humphreys

Look! something else I've got to do before I'm damned well through with all of this stuff called 'whatever'! [better word you should have used Steve is 'life.'] (Oh yes, I now even talk to myself... lately, I seem to have become two people. Yes, I converse with them both. Does that mean there are … Continue reading Look

Knee deep in gloom

knee deep in gloom, poetry, steven humphreys

Knee deep in gloom purple and white flowers in their vases bloom colors streak down like watercolors running down a painter's blank canvas in this room red blue yellow hues stained glass windows above very high up rain their colored light streaming down bright candles lit burning and incense smoking floating like mother's hands in … Continue reading Knee deep in gloom

Old town

old town, nostalgia, time machine, poetry, steven humphreys

Taking a drive through old town light and dark sides it is what has grown inside you that made you you remember growing up with all those childish clowns? it was their childishness making all those jokes about you with that ridiculous asinine laughing cackling sound they were young children undone adolescents unsung more than kinda' dumb teenyboppers … Continue reading Old town

Beauty and the meat

beauty and the meat, childhood, nostalgia

Ugly is no smaller feat achievable than beauty and the meat best of all nothing is least upon further examination busting the belly of aforementioned beast exhuming all contamination at ones feet (after you just got your toe nails done in hot pink!) moralizing the story often one metaphor and someone you used to know in … Continue reading Beauty and the meat

Drivin’ Low on route 66

Drivin' low on route 66 life began at 65 pickup sticks missin' kicks drivin' round hear that sound makin' ground thinkin' back four score years spillin' tears clubs and booze wasted years should've done more at school listened to all those fools hands not meant holding tools pickin' up speed wind blown hair feelin' a need remember … Continue reading Drivin’ Low on route 66

Hitting the Rewind Button

the skinny on being loved is getting fatter all the time justifiably ordering another extra-large double deep oozing pan  pizza thrice in one night as Feelings wane singing those sadder songs handing your new lover another savory bubbling wedge of confusion and paths crossed which all go up on top the edge of a cliff as you look out carefully … Continue reading Hitting the Rewind Button