let’s bake a cake

let's bake a cake poem by steven james humphreys

let's bake a cake for friends we make for goodness sakes! let's eat our cake with those we love despite our sorrows through all tomorrows.    

the last honest thief

the last honest thief poem by steven james humphreys

the baby cries in a handbasket for its mother's love. imprisoned leaves like chocolate drops are those bitter pills we swallow a most honorable thievery hollow which broken hearts grieve in standing reprieve while a cat sits on his window sill stroked by the last honest thief who looks out to the warming sun planning … Continue reading the last honest thief

we shall go to the forest

we shall go to the forest poem by steven james humphreys

we shall go to the forest and spend a day clothed in its broken darkness enjoying its woody fragrance. the light will filter down spotlighting falling leaves as we lie on our blanket petting cuddly white, brown and black rabbits, feeding them celery and carrots while we eat our sandwiches and look up through the … Continue reading we shall go to the forest

in search of nothing

in search of nothing poem by steven james humphreys

I cherish this moment... like a stopwatch clicked, time ceased to exist... wading here bare feet pants rolled up in search of nothing underneath the pier... salted water keeps coming, relentlessly as waves splash against barnacled posts... the moon and stars so still, so cold, so lonely as I gaze. I smell popcorn and cotton … Continue reading in search of nothing