Remember the Day

remember the day, steven humphreys, poetry, poems, prose, author, writer

I woke up in a world that wasn't mine in a cup of black I stretched rubbed my eyes looking around at my city I no longer recognized and my soul turned to rubber 'I wanna hold your hand' played on the radio I faded away and, fell in a field and you will, too once … Continue reading Remember the Day

In a Hurry

in a hurry, steven humphreys, author, writer, poetry, poems, prose

In a hurry might as well do it busy watching clocks slowly ticking working fast In a flurry counting widgets cranking digits not to worry nothing matters where we go no one follows no one knows you're not gone never somewhere always nowhere all the same There's no point to it all never tell us why you do it … Continue reading In a Hurry

Subtle Hymn

subtle hymn, poetry, poems, prose, steven humphreys, author, writer

Lightening strikes a subtle hymn until we hum we left that room electric charge hovering over barge and tunnel biting us like ants heavy on our shoulders crawling skin begetting thin snapping crackling whipping loudly your hymn of quietness tipping you over your edge into your cup of swallowed green tea with a feather brush you strike out … Continue reading Subtle Hymn

Falling from the Top

falling from the top, steven humphreys, poetry, poems, prose, writer, author

Falling from the Top up through the bottom and down someone's murky throat upside down falling shrouded reborn black abyss bound under good graces scorned funny faces remember your story there's always two sides if they'd only listen everyone has lousy advice yet, who listens to old Bart what would he know? the young think they are goanna … Continue reading Falling from the Top

Hidden in the Garden of Fools

hidden in the garden of fools, steven humphreys, poetry, prose, poems, writer, author

Have you ever been Hidden in a Garden of Fools? I know I would like to be crawling around in there once again with all those mules Not as a fly on the wall Pinkerton small but, lost within a maze of green living breathing purple haze hedges because that doesn't matter what does is a grasshopper … Continue reading Hidden in the Garden of Fools