cave creatures

cave creatures poem by steven james humphreys

cave creatures come out at night you'd never know they're driving around after midnight 100 miles an hour on the freeway hold on tight never slow down until crash and burn and things get right.

the sun will still shine

the sun will still shine poem by steven james humphreys

We concern ourselves so with machinations of mankind. does the wind fret? it knows which way to blow the garden grows no matter how concerned we become and after we are gone the sun will still shine the clouds will form and rain will drop and we will be free of all earthly matters we … Continue reading the sun will still shine

Sitting Under the Poetry Dome

Poor unhappy soul, (you haven't found where it is hiding, but be reassured, it's there, because they found him and gave him a good hiding...) whatever gets you through your weary day... Is OK, for you somehow made your way home staggering as you do now dwelling for a short while in your creaky thrift … Continue reading Sitting Under the Poetry Dome