Take time to watch clouds move through the vintage blue sky. many pass love by because they cannot surrender theirMore

Stand and look down

Don’t bother yourself anymore my dear friend Put away the deep red wine and the matching wine glasses I shall drink no more forMore

What of our lives

What of our lives, what have we done with them? have we lived our lives right? do we have no regrets? what would we do over again if we had half aMore


You know the only way out of a life of torment is A O N E W A Y T I C K E T toMore


I had no idea I’d outlive everyone and everything I’ve ever known. So… you outlive them all living with generations you don’tMore

Old house

Went to my old house and reminisced. I sat in my car after fifty years gone. this young man came out his front door and got into the same old truck I used to drive long ago. how could this be? he looked atMore

Love in memorandum

A thing called love ever changing so many things to so many people crumbs of it followed to the main meal feasting ofMore

My yearbook

Didn’t buy a high school yearbook someone wise said ‘I’d regret it someday’ I didn’t hate school not in the beginning my first year of high school I was involved in track and cross-country in my sophomore year I don’t know why but sometime later in high school I started hatingMore

That Slow Suicide

That slow suicide reached out to my throat grasping for paper straws that exquisite taste clanking lipstick stained tall stemmed glasses filled withMore